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Tara Walsh

owner and designer

Tara Walsh started out small in the Waverly, Pennsylvania area. Her passion for design started back in 2012 with her new home construction . At that time, Tara was getting out of the fashion industry by selling her woman’s clothing boutique of 8 years to focus on her growing family. Now a mom of three, she has a vision for her passion and began designing on her own in 2016. With a clean, classic and sophisticated focus, Tara is pursuing her passion for design by creating beautiful and bright spaces for each of her clients. 

Tara Walsh Designs is a full service design studio focusing on all levels of design needs. From new construction to renovations, we are committed to our client's design needs from the dawning of the vision to the final installation. We bring another layer of sophistication to our projects with a clean, classic, well balanced design focus. 

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